What is the ‘Christian-Hebraic’ understanding of the Bible?

Context! Where scripture is understood through a first-century perspective, the context in which scripture were written and understood which delivers a much greater clarity as opposed to our current more common Greek-view that is two-thousand years and a couple of languages removed.

It’s all about context.

Hebraic roots teachingsAs a result we find it therefore commonly taught today in mainstream Christian doctrine that the Torah, or simply instructions, translated Law in our Bibles as well as the prophets and the writings have all been apparently abandoned, nullified, abolished or reduced in varying degrees and apparently even taught against by the early followers of our Messiah. The foundational texts of the Torah, instructions were the checks and balances whereby the Bereans in the Book of Acts came to test and filter all of Paul’s teachings and writings.

Would this now mean the Biblical dietary instructions that are for our own positive well-being and good now abolished and all food/meat is now clean as many ministries teach? Has the command to rest on a specific day now been transferred to a Sabbath Sunday? Has Babylonian, Hellenistic and ancient sun-god, occultic holidays and practices replaced the appointed feasts (moedim) as instituted by YHVH in the Torah and observed by Yeshua, Paul and the disciples?

Many of us may ask, do any of these things matter anymore? Should they even apply to our lives? Should we even have to care, since we are all now under the dispensationalist age of grace. And, anyway, all of this has passed away and been abolished at Calvary and does not apply anymore – as some so mistakenly claim.

If you’ve been anxious for “something more,” be prepared to discover answers that will reshape your understanding and perspective and shed a renewed light on the evidence that proves the Bible’s veracity through a clearer awareness of the context, language, idioms, culture, history, and religious-political backdrop of that era.

Faulty theological barnacles.
Is it now time to return to the true Christian Hebraic and Messianic understanding of our renewed covenant even as Jesus taught in his opening foundational statements in Matthew 5:17-18 when he said:

Think NOT (don’t even think about it, dont even go there, do not devise) that I am come to destroy the law (the Torah), or the prophets: I am NOT come to destroy, but to fulfil
(From G4134; pleroo, to make replete, that is, (literally) to cram (a net), level up (a hollow).

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot (yod = the smallest letter in the Hebrew alpha- bet) or one tittle (taggim = the decorative crown on certain Hebrew letters) shall in no wise pass from the law (the Torah), till all be fulfilled.

Renew Your Faith.
I hope and trust that these lessons, teachings and our Berean Bible study course will restore and renew your understanding of scripture – so clouded in misunderstanding, poor translation and interpretation for millennia and left open to refutation by non-believers, and even well-intentioned Bible scholars and teachers now deciphered, chapter by chapter, and restored to their correct context within a Christian, Hebraic, Messianic first-century understanding that is still very relevant today