His Appointed Times, the Mo’edim

What are the appointed times and Feasts of Yhvh
The Sound of the Shofar
Passover – Pesach
Feast of Unleavened Bread – Hag Hamatzot
Feast of Pentecost – Shavu’ot
Feast of Trumpets – Yom Teruah
Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur
Feast of Tabernacles and The Eighth Day – Sukkot

Most Misunderstood Scriptures

What is the middle wall of partition in Ephesians 2
What does eye for an eye really mean in Matthew 5:38
Romans 14 – Is it food laws, fasting or Sabbath?
The Law AND Grace and Truth

Endtime Watch

Gender blurring is nothing new
Vatican says no to ‘Yahweh’

Clean or Unclean

Pork is safe claim scientists – YHWH disagrees
Nothing is unclean?
Were God’s laws of clean unclean meats upheld with Noah in Genesis 9
Is all food clean now?
A guide to dietary kosher laws

Resources and Credits

Biblical Resources and Approved Credits and Permissions

Berean Bible study course

What is Sin?
Abolish or Fulfill?
Pleero the Law
Every Word of God

Heaven and Earth and the Law of God
The Prayer of Salvation
The Law of God vs The law of Moses
A New Command?
Acts 15 Obedience or Legalism?
Is the Law of Moses Difficult?
The Deuteronomy 13 Test
The Pauline Paradox Part 1 – Is the Majority Ever Wrong
The Pauline Paradox Part 2 – The Paul you Never Knew
The Pauline Paradox Part 3 – Why Is Paul so Difficult to Understand
The Pauline Paradox Part 4 – Which Law Paul
The Pauline Paradox Part 5 – Romans
The Pauline Paradox Part 5 – Corinthians
The Pauline Paradox Part 5 – Ephesians
The Pauline Paradox Part 5 – Galatians
The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel
Nailed to the Cross
What is the Gospel? Understanding ALL of the Gospel – Part 1
What is the Gospel? Understanding ALL of the Gospel – Part 2
The Error of Dispensationalism
Grafted In
Acts 10 and Peter’s Vision
Can We Now Eat All Things? 1 Timothy chapter 4 verse 4
Are All Things Clean? – Mark 7
Sunburned – Part 1
Sunburned – Part 
The First day of the Week, the Lord’s Day and the Sabbath