Resurrection NOT on First Day of the Week

Three Days and Three Nights – a Friday to Sunday Passion? An exercise in deception

It began with my own personal realisation, and research, five years ago, that something was seriously wrong with the traditionally-assumed and accepted, Christian, orthodox view of the Friday to Sunday crucifixion and resurrection chronology. The most timid of suspicions proves conclusively that the Biblical template of three days and three nights, with a High Sabbath (Passover), John 19:31 and a weekly Sabbath built in to it, cannot be chronologically accommodated.

the passion chronology

It then became shockingly apparent through study of the original Greek and Hebrew texts that the traditionally held understanding of the Passion chronology is  fraught with inconsistencies and poor translation and is polar opposite of what church tradition and teaches.

the later of the sabbaths as lighted toward first of sabbaths