Rosh Chodesh – New Moon Sighting Israel | Sivan 1

New Moon Sighting Israel SivanRosh Chodesh – Sivan | New Moon Sighting Israel

There is a renewed, new moon sighting (Rosh Chodesh or Rosh Hodesh (Hebrew: ראש חודש) in the Land of Israel, on Tuesday, 07/05/2019 – Julian Day 2458611 with a luminosity of 1.7% with an angular distance of over 15 degrees with the sun, which is more than ample for a guaranteed sighting according to Yallop criteria.

As Tuesday, 07/05/2019 is day 30 of Ziv (month 3), and no more than 30 days can be in any one calendar month, Wednesday, 08/05/2019 at sunrise will be 1 Sivan, based on the Creation Cycle, then there was erev (the word ‘erev’ means ‘setting), then there was boker (Gen 1:5).

We are now in:
Year: 6158 A.M.
Sab. Cyc: 5.
Jub. Cyc: 33
Cycle No: 125
The next Jubilee will be 2035 – 2036 . . . (please see The Scroll of Biblical Chronology on Amazon UK)

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