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The Resurrection Sabbath, Part I
The Greek tells the truth. And no matter what you think it means, the translators did bury the idea of the Sabbath altogether when they translated it “week.”

Resurrection Sabbath, Part II
Early and modern Church Translators of the New Testament Books have mangled and corrupted the literal meaning of almost every important religious word, such as Law, Believe, Justify, Righteousness and First Day of the Week. The Good News of Messiah corrects all these and untangles the supposed complicated words of Paul to its original meaning and intent.

Colossians 2:16
Corrected: “Do not let anyone judge you in eating and in drinking, (either in part of a feast, or  new moon, or sabbaths), which are a shadow of things to come” This text supports Sabbath observance, because it mentions in the parenthetical clause when certain heretics were judging the covenant faithful. They were judging their feasting on feast days, new moons, and sabbaths.

The Worst Mistranslated Verse in the Bible
The first issue is whether the word πίστεως means belief, faith or faithfulness. The word may have all of those meanings, but what do the dictionaries say?

BDAG, 3rd: “1. faithfulness, reliability, fidelity, commitment” Anyone who has the slightest bit of doubt should go and inspect Additional Greek Lexicons in a photo archive provided with complete source information.

Matthew 28:1 – Messiah rose on The First of the Sabbaths NOT First Day of the Week
. . . as I said, the literal translation of the passage is “On the Latter of the sabbaths, at the dawning on the first of the Sabbaths …” So let us explore this topic. What is the first Sabbath, and what is the later Sabbath. Watch this compelling account by Daniel Gregg, that peels back millennia of deception.

Does Yhvh Change His Mind?
Does Yhvh change his mind? Does He delay, relent, repent of what He will do to an individual or nation? In this short clip, these issues are put to rest.

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