The Good News of Messiah

The Good News of Messiah New Testament

Fourth Edition

A translation of the New Testament by Daniel Gregg.

496 pages.
Hardcover, blue cloth. 6″ x 9″ Trim. Dust Jacket.

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The Good News Of Messiah is a fresh Messianic rendition of the New Testament scriptures and rightly corrects many of the errors and faults in traditional translations. Conflicting passages and texts are corrected using definitions only found in standard Lexicons, harmonising both Old and New Testaments.

Three major corrections concerning the words ‘faith’, ‘justice’ and ‘law’ will be drawn to attention.

Firstly, the word ‘faith’ word group (πίστις) is translated  true to its original sense of fidelity, faithfulness, or a commitment to be faithful. Thus believing is an affirmation of faithfulness to the messiah, a commitment of loyalty to his cause, whereby faith is filled out to its full sense of faithfulness.

Secondly, the ‘justice’ word group (δικαιοσύνη) is correctly translated  according to first-century Greek usage, ‘justice,’ ‘to justice’ (to administer justice), describing the  activity of a judge  trying a case. The word does not in this sense mean acquit, absolve, justify, or, declare righteous someone who is guilty. But it means to administer justice to someone, by pardon, by condemnation, or by acquittal. Only two of these three outcomes are possible for a guilty person, because the Almighty will not acquit the guilty

Therefore justice is administered to us by the faithfulness of messiah to the Covenant, not an acquittal, but a pardon for the guilty.

Thirdly, words translated ‘Law’ (νόμος) are corrected, when they do not mean law as a complete code, but only a particular law that is applied in a case according to ‘what is customary,’ according to the ‘norm’ Nomos means ‘what is customary’ for the law.