Vatican says no to ‘Yahweh’

The Vatican has reiterated a directive that the name of God revealed in the tetragrammaton YHWH is not to be pronounced in Catholic liturgy or in music. Catholics at worship should neither sing nor pronounce the name of God as “Yahweh,” the Vatican has said, citing the authority of Jewish and Christian practice.

The instruction came in a June 29 letter to Catholic bishops conferences around the world from the Vatican’s top liturgical body, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, by an explicit “directive” of Pope Benedict XVI. “In recent years, the practice has crept in of pronouncing the God of Israel’s proper name,” the letter noted, referring to the four-consonant Hebrew Tetragrammaton, YHWH.

That name is commonly pronounced as “Yahweh,” though other versions include “Jaweh” and “Yehovah.”

But such pronunciation violates long-standing Jewish tradition, the Vatican reminded bishops.

“As an expression of the infinite greatness and majesty of God, (the name) was held to be unpronounceable and hence was replaced during the reading of sacred Scripture by means of the use of an alternate name: ‘Adonai,’ which means ‘Lord,'” the Congregation said.

That practice continued with Christianity, the letter explained, recalling the “church’s tradition, from the beginning, that the sacred Tetragrammaton was never pronounced in the Christian context nor translated into any of the languages into which the Bible was translated.”

Invoking a Vatican document from 2001, the Congregation reminded bishops that the name “Yahweh” in Catholic worship should be replaced by the Latin “Dominus” (Lord) or a word “equivalent in meaning” in the local language.

The Vatican’s move will require changes in a number of hymns and prayers currently used in American churches, but not to the Mass itself, said the U.S. bishops’ top liturgical official.

2 thoughts on “Vatican says no to ‘Yahweh’

  1. Peter Gray-Read

    What do you think about this…

    as a Christian would it be appropriate for me to sing the Aaronic blessing using Yehovah instead

    of Adoni? I believe it is permitted as Jesus shed His blood to bring me to His Father.

  2. Yeshayahu7 Post author

    Good question Peter . . . Jesus’ blood certainly brought you to your Messiah.

    Numbers (bamidbar – in the wilderness) 6:22-27

    The name is mentioned 3x in this blessing to the children of Israel, in the Hebrew text it is rendered יְהוָ֖ה (yhvh), normally the English rendering is Lord.

    It is pertinent to note that in verse 27 – so shall you put ‘my name’ on the children of Israel.

    Sadly this has been replaced nearly 7000 times in the Old testament with Lord as you probably are aware.

    Have a great day Peter

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