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Three Days and Three Nights. Sabbath or Sunday?

It began with my own personal realisation, and journey, seven-years ago, that something was very, seriously wrong with the traditionally-assumed and accepted, Christian, orthodox view of the Friday to Sunday crucifixion and resurrection chronology.

The most timid of concerns should prove conclusively that the Biblical template of three-days and three-nights, which includes a high (Passover) and weekly Sabbath cannot chronologically accommodate a Friday to Sunday Passion.

It became shockingly apparent through further diligent study of the original biblical Greek and Hebrew texts that the traditionally held understanding and view of the Passion chronology account is fraught with inconsistencies, very poor translation and is polar opposite to what scripture actually teaches.

Friday to Sunday Passion? Three Days, Three Nights?

One of my Bible students many years ago asked, ‘Bobby, excuse me, but how do we squueze three-days and three-nights into a Friday afternoon to Sunday morning epoch? I thought, I recalculated, I morphed different ideas, contorted, and stumbled at his questioning and finally strung together an incoherent, terse explanation that I dare not to repeat, in short, it was a bogus attempt, trusting also that no further questions on the same theme would ensue, and hoped for a prompt conclusion of the subject at hand. I had personally considered this many years previously, concluding that the Almighty can of course more than take care of his own book, his written account, his covenant promises, the translators, the printed word and its exposition, and I thought no more about it, albeit, brushing the subject matter aside yet with still no conclusion. The question continued to bother me as time passed, haunted me, got under my skin, and wouldn’t leave me alone, it pressed upon me sorely, knowing intrinsically after these many years of ‘being in the way’ this relatively simple mathematical, calendrical conundrum could be such a stumbling block to me and it would appear to many others. I became resigned and determined myself to seek and search out the answer. If His Word is true I thought, if this Word I had come to rely on, if this Word I had committed to so many years ago was true, there could be no schism in its framework and no contradiction between text and tradition.

Corrupted Texts and Traditions.

In almost a generation, yup, a generation I had never, ever really studied scripture, the Bible. I mean studied for myself! Yes, I may have pored over a few readings, a devotion in the morning or the occasional vesper and sermon. The ‘New Testament’ maybe some, but the ‘OLD Testament’ never, that part had all be done away with, abolished as some pastors, ministers and preachers will tell us, so, there was never, ever any need to go there, that had all been fulfilled at Calvery and had conveniently passed away into oblivion with a swipe of dispensationalism. During travel and in-between business trips I became an avid Berean, just as in Acts 17:11 . . . examining the Scriptures every day to see what was true. I sought Rabbi Google and listened and watched everything on the subject related to three days and three nights, when was the crucifixion, when and what day was the resurrection, was Christ in the grave three days and three nights in a desperate, now fervent attempt to crack this cryptic puzzle. I came to learn how our Father will always reward a diligent seeker, . . . You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart, Jeremiah 29.13.

Not an easy subject – not for the faint of Heart.

A totally new vocabulary started to form, a wealth of treasure lay in wait as I flipped the dusty pages many had forgotten and were told by those in authority to forget. Key elements, cipher keys if you will unlocked themselves as the pattern and design laid out as our foundation dove-tailed with what we deem the ‘new’ and now, only essential. Inseparable and continuous in their nuance, divided only by poor translation, and contrivance.

The three days and three nights cipher slowly revealed itself, the correct cycle of the biblical day played an indispensable role, the essential seven appointed times of the creator, the way-points that point to Messiah, and what he will do and when he will perform all came into sharp focus.

Accused, but not forsaken, shaken but not stirred.

It changed the dynamic of my fragile, non-scriptural belief-system that I had held dearly for so many years. How many times have we heard it said and preached from the pulpit, discussed at that cozy little Bible class, that ‘sin’ cannot touch us, we rise above it, Jesus our saviour has paid it all no matter how we live, Jesus has done it all, so we don’t have to and yet scripture plainly states that we define sin and incorrect behaviours in his sight by the commandments. 1 John 3:4 Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness. https://biblehub.com/greek/458.htm. It was time for me to admit I was wrong, had entertained beliefs that were 

I implore you at this point dear reader, carefully consider, the established church today that you trust in has hidden the truth from you, while claiming and proclaiming it is offering it. They have over millennia established their own self-appointed priesthood, illegally demanded tithes, changed the biblical sabbath, corrupted texts and translations, sanctified unclean foods, established pagan holidays instead of the sanctioned set-apart days. This may come as a shock to you as it slowly dawned upon me


3 thoughts on “About Hebrew Roots

  1. J Swami Nathan

    Good..just first time I am entering this site…and will learn more of it….briefly on me…I am Nathan(officially Swami Nathan)…believer in Yeshusha from the very childhood..and when on my maturity of age.. I converted to Christianity and the first verse I learned was Mathew 5:17…
    infact this verse before Yeshua began to preach..he clarified that I am not here to overthrow the Law of Moses but the fulfill it….and that HE well did on the cross….

    1. Yeshayahu7 Post author

      hi there

      yes that is what I thought after 40-years of Christianity. I was as surprised as you may well be to learn that the word ‘ fulfil’ in mat 5:17 does not mean to formerly end, or to terminate, but bring to overflowing, in Greek it is ‘pleero’ https://biblehub.com/greek/4137.htm

      If we read the scripture again, Yeshua advises the hearers – think NOT, that I am come to destroy the law / torah but to ‘pleero’. In the context in which traditional Christianity reads the text is, to annul the law / torah is, ‘think not I am come to destroy the law, but to destroy the law.

      Besides. What does defines sin? What tell us believers which behaviours and attitudes are in line with His will and which are not? God says it is His Law – the Torah. We must do all we can to educate a much-unenlightened church about a terrible false and un-scriptural doctrine that the Law is a curse. For the Giver of the Law is God, the Law is good (Romans 7:12), and God does not change (Malachi 3:6). The Lord does not give us what is bad and then tell us to be obedient to it, only to turn around later and say that it was actually bad and that to obey it is wrong. If He would do that, why would He not abolish what He has done in the New Testament, via Yeshua, declare it bad and wrong, and then some day later give us something else?


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