Bible Chronology and Ancient Near Eastern History – Vol II

Bible Chronology BookThe Scroll of Bible Chronology and Ancient Near Eastern History – Seventh Edition, Vol II.

Volume II of Bible Chronology and the Ancient Near Eastern History explains in thorough detail the construction of the Biblical chronology in Volume I. This book also repeats the chronology between the years 1632 BC and AD 34 in a sideways, running format spanning the centre of the book with repeating pages on pages 62-150. The bottom third of these pages contains text.


Adam and Bible Chronology – The Cornerstone.

Page 37, unravels the initial hurdle of biblical chronology beginning with the Age of Adam and addresses the “first year problem,” whether Adam’s age is counted 0, 1, 2… or 1, 2, ….

The First Year Problem.


Abraham and Bible Chronology.

On page 51 the puzzle of the link between Terah and Abraham is solved and the solution explained.

Terah and the Abraham Connection.


The Exodus Chronology.

Page 57 addresses who died in the wilderness and on page 59 Israel’s population is calculated using the firstborn figures in the book of Numbers, as 3.3 million. The growth rate and family size is also calculated for Israel during the time in Egypt.

On page 65 the necessary space for a camp of 3.3 million people is calculated, and the required width of the passage through the Red Sea.

The Exodus Chronology.


Nebuchadnezzar & The Venus Astronomical Text.

On pages 68-76 the reign of Nebuchadnezzar is explained along with a thorough analysis of VAT 4956.

Celestial Proof of Nebuchadnezzar’s Reign


What is VAT 4956?
VAT 4956 Nebuchadnezzar Reign

Bible Chronology and the 15th Year of Tiberius.

On pages 88-93 the reign of Tiberius is explained and the relating coin evidence from the Antioch mint. The 15th year of Tiberius Caesar in Luke 3:1 is a sanctified date by virtue of the fact that the Scripture cites it. We may expect therefore that there is nothing extraordinary about its reckoning. It is the only secular date directly cited in Scripture relating to Messiah’s ministry.

Tiberius, Head of State and his 15th Year.

John the Immerser & the Chronology.

On pages 95-105 the births of John the Baptist and Yeshua of Nazareth are detailed. There is a thorough explanation of the priestly divisions here also.

The Birth of Messiah Yeshua and Yochanan the Immerser. The Rosetta Stone of Rev 12:1-2.

The Exodus from Egypt.

On page 106, the Exodus year is confirmed by astronomical calculation. Here is a snapshot from Vol I of the Scroll of Biblical Chronology.

The Year of the Exodus BibleAstronomical calculation is also applied to David’s flight to Nob on page 111.


Daniel 9 and the 62 and 7 Sevens Explained.

Beginning on page 112-128 the calculation of Daniel 9 is laid out. Erring theories are also thoroughly refuted and eschatological elements dealt with.

458, 457, 445, or 444 BC? The Biblical Timeline to Messiah being ‘cut off’.


Joshua’s Long Day.

The matter of Joshua’s Long Day is covered on pages 129-134.
For Example:
NASA  Eclipse Date 1840 B.C. May 25 non-factored.
Shamshi-Adad Solar Eclipse






NASA Eclipse Date 1840 B.C. May 25 with Joshua Long Day, T-Delta factored.
Shamshi-Adad Solar Eclipse





The Five Passovers of Messiah’s Ministry.

On pages 140-150 I cover the duration of Messiah’s ministry and the years in which it took place.

Riddles and Ciphers of Bible Chronology and More!

On page 153 a chapter on the 400 year cipher.

On page 165 a chapter on the 430 year riddle.

On page 175, the 1 Sam. 13:1-3 Jubilee cipher.

On page 177, the 390 years of Ezekiel explained. On page 183 how to count Sabbath years.

On page 187 Jewish commentaries and sources on the Sabbath year. Josephus on the Sabbath year (pg. 191).

The Wadi Murabbat Contracts (pages 197-202).

Seder Olam, the Churban, and how the Jewish year of creation was derived.

On page 211 the relevance of the Zo’ar Tombstones is taken up.

On page 217, the significance of the El Lahun Papyri is explained for the Middle Kingdom.

On page 230, I explain the role and place in history of the Hyksos Pharaohs.

On page 235 the chronology of the Judges is straightened out and the opinions of those who would shorten it are refuted.

On page 250, the complexities of the Kings of Judah and Israel are dealt with in a systematic and organised fashion, from No. 1 Saul to No. 44 Zedekiah. The resulting chronology is shown to be almost exactly what pre-Thiele chronologists concluded.

On pages 272-278 the 70 year periods are detailed.

On page 279 the chronology of the Persian kings and their relations to Nehemiah and Ezra. And then in the final pages is an explanation of the chronology of Messiah’s death and resurrection.


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