Biblical Chronology And Ancient Near Eastern History – Vol 1

The Scroll of Biblical Chronology And Ancient Near Eastern History – Vol I.

Biblical Chronology Book

 . . . is THE ultimate, Biblical, chronological resource for Scripture. The Scroll of Biblical Chronology employs astronomical synchronisms that date Creation, the Flood, as well as the Exodus. while remaining completely faithful and consistent to the literalness and veracity of scripture.

Divine Concealment
It is the glory of the Almighty to conceal a matter; but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (Prov 25:2).

The Almighty is not a deceiver. But he does have riddles and secrets and there are an enormous number of these in scripture.

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Divine mysteries allow Him to reveal truth on two levels:

1. The plain text is the first level.

2. But the riddles and mysteries of scripture are for the hearts prepared for them. 

The Scroll of Biblical Chronology deciphers these many cryptic statements found within the Testaments to name a few:

• Recovering the sixty years lost within the Terah-Abraham text.

• The Sojourn and length of stay in Egypt.

• The 400-years of Gen 15.

• The start and end points of the 390-year sin of Israel and 1 Kings 6:1, plus many, many


Over one hundred colour charts integrate both biblical and ancient near eastern history from Creation and Adam to date. Parallel columns provide a year by year account of the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Gutian King histories, the Urukian and Neo-Sumerian Empire periods, Larsa, the centre of the cult of the sun god Utu, as well as Isin, Elam, and Amorite Babylon, the Kassite and Hittite Kings, including the Assyrian, Neo Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman Empires.

Astronomical and archaeological integrations are included as well as a pre-Theile, high kings chronology, plus an extended period for the Judges, and a shorter period for the sojourn in Egypt aligning both biblical chronology and ancient near eastern history.

The book makes an excellent reference tool, and is bound to overturn the accepted paradigm of the relation of the Bible to ancient history without any radical historical revisionism.

Biblical Chronology and the Times and Seasons.

• The Scroll of Biblical Chronology maps every sabbatical and jubilee period charted from Creation to the present day.

• All relevant Biblical texts quoted in full and are harmonised to the historical timeline event.

• Perfect for Bible study reference, Colleges, and Universities.

• Every era, king, and ruler charted, including the ages allocated to the patriarchs from Adam to Moses and beyond.

Biblical Prophecy.

• Charts of Daniel’s 7th, 62nd Weeks based on historical Sabbatical years.

• Significant material for future modulating.

• Modern day mysteries of ancient Babylon solved.

Scholars of Scripture.

• Dates provided in scripture are astronomically calculated from The Exodus to present.

• Archaeological synchronises Jericho’s destruction, the Santorini volcanic eruption, and the middle kingdom.

• Saros Cycles and VAT synchronised to Babylonian and Medo-Persian periods.

• Cryptic chronological problems untangled and solved.

• A vast, quantum leap in the presentation of Biblical Chronology.

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ISBN: 978-0979190742
Page Count: 216 Pages; 8.5 x 11 inch colour charts.
Charts combine across margin: 11 x 16 inches.
Language: English.

Hardcover Case Bound, Seventh Edition.
Postage Lead Time: 24-28 hrs.
Packaging: Book wrap with tear open strip.
Price: £37.79 (incl UK postage & packaging)


Review (Amazon UK)
This book is another superb quality, comprehensive product by Daniel Gregg and worth every penny. It serves as an enlightening spiritual treasure trove for anyone who buys it! It is both a chronological guide and a fascinating study companion, all wrapped up in one superb quality hardback book.

In the build-up to the scroll itself, the reader will enjoy a Preface, a guide and explanation to the chart lay out and a comprehensive introduction, to include fascinating sections on ‘Divine Concealment’ and ‘Divine Riddles’.

The chronological scroll itself unrolls itself page by page in full colour. There are commentaries on each scroll page relating to key events and timelines. Woven into the scroll is a thread of evidence based critical analysis relating to scriptural translation and interpretation. Upon unfurling the Scroll of Biblical Chronology, Daniel Gregg engages, informs and challenges his readers yet again.

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Finally! Enjoy the scriptures in their original meaning, chronology and context.

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