The Scroll of Biblical Chronology And Ancient Near Eastern History Edition Vol. I – Version 0.7.1

Biblical Chronology Study Guide

The Scroll of Bible Chronology – pdf Edition 0.7.1

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The Scroll of Biblical Chronology

 . . . is THE ultimate, resource for the study of Biblical History & Chronology. The Scroll of Biblical Chronology employs astronomical synchronisms that date Creation, the Flood, as well as the Exodus. while remaining completely faithful and consistent to the literalness and veracity of scripture.

Would you like to enumerate the elaborate system of lifespans to the Flood from creation with ease? Tabulate from the Flood to the Exodus with irresolute confidence and proof that would confound the higher-critics? Demonstrate beyond any shadow of any doubt the mystery and cipher behind 1 Kings 6:1 and discover the exact year and the 10 Jubilees from the Entry into the Land to the fourth year of Solomon and the building of the First temple? Weave through the schematic complexities of the period of The Kings and discover the sabbatical year when the ‘going fourth of the commandment to restore’ was issued, which points to the coming Messiah? The Scroll of Biblical Chronology unlocks these and many, many more . . .

The Almighty is not a deceiver. But he does have riddles and secrets and there are an enormous number of these in scripture.

Divine mysteries allow Him to reveal truth on two levels:

1. The plain text is the first level.

2. But the riddles and mysteries of scripture are for the hearts prepared for them.

Over one hundred colour charts are painstakingly explained and integrates both biblical and ancient near eastern history from the Creation and Adam to date and allows the reader to know exactly where we are on the Creator’s timetable and road map.

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