The Good News of Messiah New Testament – Edition

The Good News of Messiah Fifth Edition

The Good News of Messiah NOW in pdf format.

A digital pdf edition that allows you to read the scriptures while on the go on any of your portable devices or home computer.

This Good News has . .

. . . over 1800 footnotes, cross-references and commentaries, plus 15 appendices on such subjects as:
1. The Biblical and Rabbinic Calendars;
2.The Alexandrian Letter or better known as the Book of Hebrews;
3. Harmonisation of the Resurrection Account;
4. What exactly was the ‘Works of the Law’ in the First Century;
5. Atonement and Forgiveness . . . to name but just a few.

The 526-page, exhaustive, Good News of Messiah New Testament 5th Edition eBook, is a benchmark, ground-breaking, scholarly, yet, easy to read and understand rendition and translation of the New-Made Covenant scriptures.

Packed full of helpful commentaries, context, chronological charts, Hebraisms and insights into Biblical Greek and Hebrew. An edition that you should not be without. . . . it remains a definitive, must-have, complete study resource for all denominations, churches, congregations, ministries, fellowships, Bible-study groups, or Christian home desiring to finally read the scriptures in their original, first-century meaning, context, nuance, chronology, and intent.

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