Messianic Hebrew Roots : Good News of Messiah New Testament – Edition

Messianic Hebrew Roots Good News New TestamentThe Messianic and Hebrew Roots Good News of Messiah New Testament.

A digital pdf edition that allows you to read the scriptures while on the go on any of your portable devices or home computer.

This Good News has . . .

. . . over 1800+ footnotes, cross-references and commentaries, plus 15 appendices on such subjects as:

1. The Biblical and Rabbinic Calendars.
2.The Alexandrian Letter or better known as the Book of Hebrews.
3. Harmonisation of the Resurrection Account.
4. What exactly was the ‘Works of the Law’ in the First Century.
5. Atonement and Forgiveness . . . to name but just a few.

The 622-page, exhaustive, Messianic Good News of Messiah New Testament 5th Edition ( eBook, is a benchmark, ground-breaking, scholarly, yet, easy to read and understand rendition and translation of the New-Made Covenant scriptures.

Packed full of helpful commentaries, context, chronological charts, Hebraisms and insights into Biblical Greek and Hebrew. An edition that you should not be without. . . . it remains a definitive, must-have, complete study resource for all denominations, churches, congregations, ministries, fellowships, Bible-study groups, or Christian home desiring to finally read the scriptures in their original, first-century meaning, context, nuance, chronology, and intent.

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The Messianic and Hebrew Roots Good News of Messiah ebook:
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ISBN-13: 978-1953084019.
Pages: 622 with commentaries.
Same price as the old edition (for now), plus 100 more pages!
Over 1800+ cross references plus commentary footnotes.
15+ Appendices.
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