Matthew 28:1 – Messiah rose on The First of the Sabbaths NOT First Day of the Week

Messiah Yeshua Rose on the First of the Sabbaths NOT the First Day of the Week (Sunday)


Resurrection NOT Sunday but First of the Sabbaths


2 thoughts on “Matthew 28:1 – Messiah rose on The First of the Sabbaths NOT First Day of the Week

  1. david everett

    Thank You Daniel. I had always pointed out that it didn’t matter that the discovery of the empty tomb may have happened on Sunday–He was already resurrected. But I recently had cause to look more closely at the resurrection and I became very puzzled indeed. Misunderstanding passover contributed. This website helped me with both understandings. And I see you made this video right on time for me to find. If I’d gone looking too much earlier, it wouldn’t have been here.

    But I remained puzzled with the idea of refuting bible contradictions. All the christian apologetics only dealt with the numbers of people and bringing spices etc. and weren’t very satisfying.
    WHAT ABOUT THE STONE? How could it be in place in Matthew but already rolled away in the other three if it is all the same account of the exact same events?

    Answer: It’s not. at least with regard to the initial approaches to the tomb, they relate slightly different events within the same story.
    Matthew comes first.

    The two Marys approach the tomb and the stone is in place. This is at the first tinge of light in the sky. There is an earthquake, the stone rolls away, and an angel appears, with a face like lightning. The two gurads present are terrified.
    He commands here to go and spread the word that Yehushua has risen, etc. She sees Yeshua. She leaves and meets a disciple who rebukes her as mad.

    Now John picks up the story. While Mary mother of James continues to spread the word and being told she is crazy, Mary MAgdalene returns to the tomb, quite distressed. She is looking again.

    Now John picks up the story. It is still dark, he notes. Mary comes to the tomb and no-one is there at all, until she turns around. then there are two men. Apparently their faces aren’t so much of note as the angel’s was.
    Then Peter comes, having been told by Mary mother of James.

    There probably are bits of duplication in some of the details. I doubt Peter was told twice before he came, for instance. But in part, the gospels MUST relate different associated events.
    I am sure Matthew comes first and then John.

    I THINK Mark follows and Luke’s bit comes last.

    Mark picks it up. Now the sun is up and no longer dark. Mary Mag. Meets Mary Mother of James and Salome, who is bringing spices, as they are coming to the tomb. The three return. Notice their claim has changed, they are telling people after being rebuked, that the body of Yeshua has been taken, rather than He has risen.
    By now Peter has spread the word and is believed.

    Finally Luke relates a greoup too large to account for, so “they” (YLT) arrive at the tomb. One of the guards has left to inform the authorities so they won’t be executed while the other remains on duty at the tomb, with a signifcant change in his “duty.” He is there to tell everyone he too saw the angel.

    Not sure I have it nailed down.
    I think Mark’s account comes next.

    Perhaps they are the two guards, having been convicted by these tremendous events as the centurion at Golgotha was. Perhaps they reson the women will not be believed, we should stick around to witness these events.

    My spiritual journey had been on a plateau for few years with no new great leaps of understanding.

    I praise Yeshua for you being there, right on time, to help me sort out some of the puzzle.
    Isn’t it great, a puzzle hidden in plain sight that only reveals itself to those who seek the truth!

    And right then, the woman I love dearly but haven’t talked to in two years called saying she felt compelled to call me but did not know why.

    I told her why.
    Thank you so much for your good work!

    Indeed, now rather than “we do not know that He rose on Sunday, I get to say we know for sure He arose on Sabbath.

  2. david everett

    oops. My comment got a little out of order too. The discussion of the guards should come with John’s bit and then the out of place second statement that Mark comes next.

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