The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua

The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua


The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua

היום באשר קומם ישוע

המשיח מן המתים 


First of Sabbaths NOT First Day of the Week.

The 478-page Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua recovers the original chronology of Messiah’s death and resurrection after the established Church rejected the Torah and threw away the keys almost 2000 years ago.

It explains how Messiah rose on the ‘first of the Sabbaths אחת השבתות, μια των σαββατων in the original Greek texts, and how that both Judaism and Christianity have conspired to do away with the truths explained in Leviticus. 23:15 wherein Israel was instructed to count seven Sabbaths and fifty days after the Wave Offering.

This book also explains that Messiah’s ministry lasted for five Passovers, a conclusion first proposed by men like Isaac Newton and Thomas Lewin. The resurrection day is fixed in A.D. 34 using computer calculation of the Biblical Calendar, and then using this year, the precise and exact solution to Daniel 9 is established.

Resurrection NOT First Day of Week but First of Sabbaths

The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua is totally opposite what the Church claims. It disproves the Sunday resurrection and gives the reason for the Easter lie and its links to ancient paganism. The book also shows that Judaism has misrepresented the nature of the Sabbatical year, when the Torah is to be read, and the understanding of Passover in connection to Messiah. This book teaches the messianic prophecies in the Torah and Prophets, and shows that Yeshua is the same Adonai Yahweh who walked in the Garden of Eden, and the same Messenger of YHWH who told Abraham not to slay his son on the third day.  This book explains third day types and figures in the Torah, and also solves translational and chronological ciphers related to the issue. Most importantly, it brings all the pieces together into a complete, unbroken logical harmony. 

Birth, Ministry Length, Death & Resurrection.

The Resurrection Day of Messiah Yeshua is a precise, analysis and scriptural exegesis, both historically, and prophetically of the Passion of Yeshua of Nazareth reconstructing the events of Passion Week and then exploring the implications for related chronologies such as the birth of Messiah narrative, his ministry length and timeline, the year of the crucifixion, his death and the linkages to overall biblical chronology and prophetic passages relating to the “third day.”

This book deals with Matt 12:40, Matt 28:1 and the traditionally translated “first day of the week” translation riddle, leading to unexpected results in relation to the prevailing traditions based on the original Greek text and a solution also to the Pentecost counting riddle.

when Christ arose from the grave

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ISBN: 978-0979190759
Page Count: 478 Pages.
Language: English.

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